Rhonda Warawa – Review

I’ve bought and sold many houses before, but this was the most complicated and most worrying purchase I have ever made. Purchasing a house, on the other side of the country (Nova Scotia to Alberta), during a pandemic, across three time zones, presented a couple of new challenges for us.

Rhonda exceeded our expectations.

Being on the other side of the country, and unable to physically inspect the property ourselves, her video walk-through was highly informative and detailed. She took the time to ensure that we saw not only what we wanted to see, but things she felt we should be aware of. 

Being unable to drive through the community Rhonda responded to requests for information by making phone calls and looking up information about local by-laws and covenants. While respecting the time difference and what that meant for us, she would still respond to emailed questions, with documentation backed answers, within minutes of sending them. 

One of the challenges we had was not even knowing who to contact for services. Rhonda was able to direct us to local professional services and act as our agent while dealing with those services.

We would like to thank Rhonda, and any members of her team that worked with her. You were the least stressful group of professionals we worked with during this entire process.

Jeff & Sharon Cave