Why Use an Agent?

A real estate agent’s expertise and experience can save you time, effort and stress as you market and sell your house. Licensed by your province, he or she works for a real estate brokerage firm and represents your interests during the sales process. In return for an agreed-upon commission from the proceeds of your sale, your real estate agent should:

  • Explain the home-selling process in detail
  • Draw up the listing agreement, your formal contract with the real estate brokerage firm
  • Provide a market analysis comparing your home with similar properties recently sold in your area
  • Advise you on enhancing your home’s sales appeal
  • Create and implement a marketing plan to advertise your home
  • Screen and pre-qualify potential buyers, and schedule and conduct viewings
  • Negotiate the offer to purchase on your behalf and present your counter-offers to the buyer
  • Assist you in closing the sale

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